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    makin’ racists angry

    have all y’all seen this? cause if not, you need to see it. 

    It’s very very very easy to do.

    or you’re just messing with someone’s favourite character

    guys, i found the racist

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  2. mattahan:

    Al Maul & Jessica Alba


  3. yagazieemezi:

    Vintage portraits taken of people in Eritrea in the 1930s.

    From photographer Mario (not sure if he took actual photographs though)

    Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic



  5. Decisions


  6. azemezi:

    She balanced on the edge of the keke driver’s seat, staring out at the road through the small windshield as wind whipped her braids across her face. The material of her blouse kept flickering from its original blue to the faded green of the driver’s shirt, her face shifting back and forth from her…


  7. vincentnappisketchblog:

    The Bordello: Sucker’s Game

    Two more pages to go…




  10. chaibrows:

    At lunch today my roommate argued that men and women artists paint differently because men work from logic and women work from emotion, at which point I told him that’s why women shouldn’t be leaders. The sarcasm went right over his head. Here is a painting by an Italian Baroque woman, Artemisia Gentileschi, to illustrate my feelings.

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  11. ultrabread:


    Michael Grimm: former FBI agent and marine with history of fiery behaviour

    Congressman under fire for telling a reporter he would break him ‘in half’ has brought elements of his colourful past to Capitol Hill. Read more

    Photograph: Gary Cameron/Reuters

    According to the article, Grimm later came back to the nightclub with FBI and NYPD reinforcements, forced all the white customers to quit the premises, lined everybody else up against the wall and declared: “The FBI is in control.”

  12. t-wei:

    Conspire to inspire.