This is a first look at gameplay footage from the upcoming hand painted rougelike runner for PS4 called EarthNight featuring the art of Paul Davey / mattahan

The premise: Dragons have taken over the Earth. It’s up to a 14 year old school girl and an unemployed photographer to stop them. With no government or military left to speak of, it’s up to Sydney and Stanley to skydive back to earth and set things right. 

Anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider doing the artwork on a cell-shaded video game? With such creativity and ideas I feel a step in that direction would give your work the attention and credit it deserves. I've been a fan for years now and want to see a great artist achieve more. If not a video game, an animated movie or series?


This is a short comic I made .

fredbread and I ( FUNKFUZZ) are gonna be telling stories with these characters for a while . It’s called CREAM SODA.

I’m also learning that i’m corny tbh. Who cares though -Thanks for all of my friends who are able to put up with me when I’m being a dick.

Hope you like it!

PS: The song playing from the computer is Blood Orange’s “Palo Alto” go listen to it ,it’s great.